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Carmen FD rotational lift photo sequence.

Some of these pics might look awkward to some due to the nature of the lift, but the focus of this particular photoset is Tessa’s body control and kinesthetic abilities during this complicated lift. Sure the brunt of the difficulty of this rotational lift lies on Scott, but it sure helps if the girl you’re rotating around knows how to balance and hold herself midair, both execution-wise and  aesthetically.  (But it sure is a sign of how strong Scott is that he can sing a cappella during practice of this lift in CoR. LOL!)

Photo credits:

1.  Lift entry, back flip into the shoulder (CoR  Sergei Ilnitsky).

2. Transition, drop down from the shoulder #1 (CoR Dmitry Korotayev).

3.  Transition, drop down from the shoulder #2 different angle (GPF AFP photo).

4.  Transition, drop #3 (GPF Julian Finney).

5.  Transition, drop #4 (GPF Julian Finney).

6.  Transition, drop #5 (GPF AFP photo).

7.  Final rotational position #1 (CoR Dmitry Korotayev).

8.  Final rotational position #2 (CoR Grigory Dukor).

9.  Final rotational position #3 with slight break in form (Worlds Brendan Smialowski).

10.  Final rotational position #4 form corrected (Worlds Craig Glover).

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