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That Virtue-Moir Farrucas Moment Photo Collection

here you go cuteiceprincesslove

Credits to all these wonderful photographers who captured this moment for all sections of the VM fandom to enjoy:  1. (?),  2. Kimas.gallery.ru, 3. Laëtitia Mériguet, 4. Ksenia Fomina, 5.  Matthew Stockman.  6.  Kristina Korolyova (My favorite, she has this really awesome hi-res set from TEB somewhere.) 

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No matter what, we are together

and no matter what, I love you

and no matter what, we’re going to enjoy this

- Scott Moir

I would have preferred the epic opening sequence of their Latin FD with the gold dress and all, but still a very nice set. Thanks!

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