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Anonymous asked: how would you rank your top five v/m programs? (just free dances ,excluding exibitions) i know it's hard but if you could try pls? i'm trying to create new fans by showing them clips :)


1. Umbrellas of Cherbourg

2. Carmen

3. Symphony No. 5

4. Great Gig In The Sky, Money

5. Latin FD

Numbers 2 to 5 plus the jazz SD are my favorites choreographically. Olympic Mahler, Sochi jazz sd, UofC worlds, Sochi Seasons, and Olympic Farrucas are my faves performance wise. Special mention to Latin FD worlds and Carmen Skate Canada because watching these FDs for the first time you get the feeling that you’re seeing something never done before, which is authentic modern and Latin rhythm and body movements translated on ice

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As The Tessa & Scott Giving Keys Project starts to come to a close, I’d like to thank everyone for their participation and for all their support. As a thank you, I will be doing a giveaway of Tessa and Scott’s book Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Olympic Gold and their February cover of Maclean’s magazine.


  • First Prize: Softcover of Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Olympic Gold, one copy of Maclean’s magazine, collector 2010 Olympic memorabilia.
  • Second Prize: One copy of Maclean’s magazine.
  • Third Prize: One copy of Maclean’s magazine.

How to Enter / Rules:

  • Reblog this post as many times as you’d like. One reblog is one entry.
  • You DO NOT need to have participated in the fan project to enter the giveaway, however it’d be nice if you did! (You have until April 24th at 11pm PST to submit your message! See below!)
  • Open worldwide.
  • Giveaway closes May 14, 2014 at 11:59PM PST, the day before I meet Tessa and Scott at SOI.
  • You must have your askbox enabled. Winners will be selected at random and will have 24 hours to reply. If I do not receive a reply, a new winner will be selected.


  • Click HERE for information about The Tessa & Scott Giving Keys Project.

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I don’t know why but in this period all i can think about is that soon they will announce their retirement.

This is not fair!! They should continue for at least one season…
To prove that they are better than D/W and they are better without Marina;
To prove that this Olympic was really unfair;

To prove that they’re the best and they deserve to win.

They have nothing to prove. They know what they’ve done. We know what they’ve done.

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